Yolisa hug

Yolanda Lindwall, co-founder of the Lindwall Releasing work, has passed into the Light peacefully in the morning of July 14, 2019. We see her there reunited with her beloved Isa, who passed away in 2007. A circle is complete and the Light shines even brighter.

We are filled with deep love and gratitude for all the experiences we have had with Yolanda and Isa, for the love and wisdom that they have shared with all of us so selflessly, for their dedication to uplifting the consciousness of humanity in many ways, especially with the Lindwall Releasing Process that has helped so many to become more and more conscious of their true divine nature.

They both live on in our hearts and in the ongoing work and love of so many who have been touched by them directly or indirectly.

We give special thanks to their family, Gina, James & Robby, for their ongoing loving support and care over so many years.

With love and gratitude always,
Barbara & Stephen

The "Freedom Through Releasing" process, pioneered and developed by Dr. E. E. (Isa) Lindwall and his wife Ruth (Yolanda) Lindwall, can and has been used for three and a half decades to assist people in releasing and moving beyond limiting personal beliefs and feelings. For many, it also assisted with the opening of their own spiritual development.

Those who knew Isa (1919-2007) and had the most direct connection with Isa and Yolanda will know that, even though this aspect of their work was very close to his heart, what really motivated him was the upliftment of the whole human condition. The fact that the Freedom Through Releasing process and the practice of Releasing for personal development is something which can be passed on to others and which they in turn can teach and pass on is witness to that, though also part of something more - for Isa's greatest concern was the raising of human consciousness itself so that humanity as a whole would begin to express its true spiritual nature.


During the last decade there has been a tremendous upsurge in interest and awareness of who we are as spiritual beings, and information which would once have only been shared with the innermost circles of mystery schools is now freely available in almost every bookstore and shared and discussed in the media and even on everyday talk shows.

More importantly, more and more people are moving from a concern for their own personal issues to a direct experience of our interconnectedness - with humanity and with all of life.

This collective awakening is the next step in our evolution and it is that, and those individuals who are drawn to it, which the "Freedom Through Releasing" work is now ready to serve.


There are three aspects to this work all of which are important and which find expression in various ways in workshops, sessions and simple times of being together. They all reflect the belief that our true nature is as spiritual beings, here on earth in this lifetime to bring the highest aspect of our selves more and more fully into our lives and the lives of those around us:

  • Love

    As Isa said, "Love is the glue that holds everything together." For many it was not so much his words as his simple presence which brought about such a deep transformation in them. And it is this same unconditional loving acceptance which infuses the work which is his legacy. Practices such as looking into each other's eyes, listening and simply holding the space for another, provide the magical opportunity which allows our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to become more and more whole.
  • Light

    Acknowledging and inviting the light of our true self to fill us, releasing the separation from our spiritual origins and integrating it into an ever more loving and complete sense of self is the "upward" force which inspires us to reach our greatest potential in our lives. Ultimately our "ascension" comes from connecting with our light and bringing it back into our bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) so that they in turn become more uplifted and filled with love and light.
  • Recovering our Light from the Shadows

    Releasing also involves going into the shadows when necessary to find and bring back those parts of ourselves which may have become fragmented and lost in darkness and ignorance. The guidance of Spirit takes us only where we need to go to recover those parts of self and together with the acceptance of unconditional love allow us to fulfill this quest in ways which uplift us yet further. This has often been the domain of so-called "Classical Releasing" and is perhaps implied by the full title "Freedom Through Releasing limiting memories from the past." However its goal is always "freedom" - a greater and greater connection with the love and light of our divine Self - and not a journey into the shadows for its own sake.

It is through love and light together that we become freed from the isolation of our individual selves and more and more connected not only to one another but also to the full potential of humantiy as a whole to take the next step in its evolution. Here at the beginning of the next millenium, Releasing is here to serve those who recognize this calling to serve something which is greater than our selves and unites us all.