The Calling



The “Freedom Through Releasing” process, pioneered and developed by Dr. E. E. (Isa) Lindwall and his wife Ruth (Yolanda) Lindwall, can and has been used for three and a half decades to assist people in releasing and moving beyond limiting personal beliefs. For many, it also assisted with the opening of their own spiritual development.


Those who knew Isa (1919-2007) and had the most direct connection with Isa and Yolanda will know that, even though this aspect of their work was very close to his heart, what really motivated him was the upliftment of the whole human condition. The fact that the Freedom Through Releasing process and the practice of Releasing is something which can be passed on to others and which they in turn can teach and pass on is witness to that, though also part of something more - for Isa’s greatest concern was the raising of human consciousness itself so that humanity as a whole would begin to express its true spiritual nature.

Recently a student of Isa’s for more than a decade has received details of a new Releasing process specifically intended to ignite and anchor an individual into what has variously been called their “crystalline light body” or “golden body”. Once this shift is integrated and complete, there is an automatic reorientation from being primarily concerned with their own personal life and issues to a principle focus on the upliftment and support of ONENESS, and the highest and greatest good for ALL.

This process is being offered as a GIFT of a single one-time session to those who are ready and willing to make such a shift. And it is freely available to them to pass on again as a gift to others should they so choose.

The first step in the process is to identify the ONE LAST ISSUE that the individual needs to Release. This will tend to be a major issue or even a lifelong pattern. Once this has been identified and released, the shift into the crystalline light body is a smooth and simple process guided by another individual who has already anchored the experience in themselves.

Vitruvian Flower of Life


This process is a natural and necessary part of moving forward and aligning ourselves with the evolution and changes in vibration as we and our Mother Earth shift in consciousness.

Our bodies need to change on many levels in order to survive. It is just the next step in our spiritual evolution ... and we have found that it needs to be done in pairs, with someone already trained in the process, as a symbolic and literal expression of all of us coming back together as ONE ... in Unity.

If this resonates with you and you feel that you are ready for this process, please reach out to us for this gift:

We look forward to hearing from you, and are grateful to be here in service.