Beginning an amazing journey together that started in 1978, Dr. E.E. (Isa) and Ruth (Yolanda) Lindwall found themselves healing and touching the lives of people from all over the United States and Europe, as well as Russia, Eastern Europe, South America, Australia, Asia and Africa. The Lindwalls developed a process they called "Freedom Through Releasing Limiting Memories from the Past ", or simply "Releasing", which helps people become aware of, confront and resolve core spiritual issues that underlie illness, pain and suffering. As a chiropractor, Dr. Lindwall gained a special insight into mind-body-spirit connections, and through workshops, seminars and counseling sessions, he and his wife Yolanda devoted their lives to bring Releasing and much-needed healing to people all around the world.

The Lindwalls and those who have learned from them have brought us an extraordinary legacy, and they were particularly concerned to bring it to rich and economically challenged countries and communities alike. Recently, Lindwall releasing facilitators had remarkable success working in South Africa with communities that have suffered harsh conditions of apartheid repression, police brutality, murder and torture. This new generation of Releasing facilitators has shown that it is possible to work with traumatized communities in a dignified and non-patronizing way, and great things are possible, even in extreme deprivation, poverty and conflict. Given the healing tools and the opportunity - people everywhere can live more fulfilling lives, while having a deep impact on their families, friends and communities. Welcome to this story of hope - a story that has meaning and significance for people and communities overcoming trauma, poverty, natural disasters, deprivation, violence and repression.