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BOOKS about Lindwall Releasing®:

I Release! I Release! - Create the life that makes your heart sing
Voge & Hugh Smith, iUniverse Press (English)
Releasing Releasing - Frei sein durch Loslassen - Ein Workshop mit Isa und Yolanda
Markus Langholf (Editor), Sheema-Medien Press (German)
Loslassen Der Pfad des Lebendigen Geistes - Loslassen
Markus Langholf, Sheema-Medien Press (German)

Ich lasse losIch lasse los
Christof Langholf, Goldmann Press, Germany. (German)

Aufbruch nach HauseAufbruch nach Hause
- Frauen unterwegs zu sich selbst

Sabine Treeß, Vianova (German)

Releasing - Kann die Seele fliegen? Releasing - Kann die Seele fliegen?
Dr. Andrea Köster, Sheema-Medien Press (German)


Articles on Releasing


With Love from Isa and Yolanda
  • The Universal Prayer
    written by Isa and Yolanda Lindwall and shared with people from so many
    religions, nations and cultures around the planet.
  • Children of the Light
    words received by Dr E.E. (Isa) Lindwall during a retreat on the island of Ischia, Italy.


Tools for Transformation

Release on your own with this Reality Management Worksheet
originally developed by Dr Michael Ryce: