Messages and remembrances of Isa Lindwall

Dr. E.E. Lindwall
May 4, 1919 - April 15, 2007

Gross Funeral Home 04/17/2007
The staff of Gross Funeral Home wish to express our deepest sympathy to you at this difficult time.

Hanna Pietzcker 04/18/2007
I was very touched when I heared about his passing away.
The work has done so much good to many friends and myself, too!
Thank You!

Gisela Menke-Weth 04/18/2007
You have been one of the most beautiful persons I ever met,full of LOve and Campassion. This LOve will never die. Thank You, Isa. from Gisela Germany

Turner Bourne 04/18/2007
Dear Ruth, I've been married since 1979, too. I can't imagine how much you will miss him. Kindest regards from your sister & friend (even though I haven't seen you two in 10 years and we only met once),

Lena Hjeltman 04/18/2007
My thoughts are with you Ruth and also to the children.
We met in Stockholm and I can only say three words
I LOVE YOU Every day I get inspiration from your love. I pray to God he will answer me and bless me too. I am ever so grateful. My prayers Ruth. You´re the best.

Mona 04/18/2007
thanks to your blessings and wonderful innocence, beloved Isa,
your healing being will flower forever

Waltraud und Matthias 04/18/2007
Thank You ISA. We are the children of the light. Love ... Love ... Love .... A good time for You. Waltraud und Matthias

Peggy McKitty 04/18/2007
Dear Ruth and the Lindwall Family throughtout the world,

For those of us who had the joy of meeting Isa, we were blessed.

I was lucky enough to have worked with him and Ruth in NYC Nov 2004. For that experience, I shall be forever grateful.

Know that I am bringing you much love as I connect to the greater family that were all brught together by Isa and Ruth. .

Love always,

Monika Winter 04/18/2007
Thank you for all you have done for me. You are in my hard.

Monika from Switzerland

Marianne Flanagan 04/18/2007
Bright light that is Isa who with Yolanda brought so much healing, hope and love. Isa has been a beacon of generosity, kindness, love as well as a wonderful teacher and an amazing healer. My heart shines with love & gratitude. Marianne Flanagan, New York City

Simone Caruthers 04/18/2007
Isa, You taught me about Spirit. I am so glad I had the chance to experience your love and joy. You are a gift to us all. I love you.

John & Desray Britz 04/19/2007
A great honour it was to have met and been helped by Isa and Yolanda. A wonderful teacher and an example of one who let the divinity shine from him in a LARGE way. We shall speak again my friend with an innerview from time to time.
Our love and blessings to Yolanda and family.

Jerry Epps 04/19/2007
Isa is so very special to me; no one else radiates love and healing energy like he does. I am so glad to have known him!

Sabine Treess 04/19/2007
Dear Releasing-Friends,
a great, wonderfull and loving Soul has left his body into the light. We will never forget what a big gift his presence was on Earth and in our Life as teacher, soulfather and friend.
And I know he is still there in all our hearts and we are still connectet. Love is.
We will be with you on sunday here in Germany, where Isa and Yolanda did such a lot of good work in the last 24 Years. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.
With Love and Light,
Sabine Treess

Regina Jurack Hamburg 04/19/2007
Beloved ISA
I release and I let go from the silence of my heart...there are so many roads we have traveled so many memories my heart is full of love and gratitude for having had the honour to be with you and Yolanda. All the love and light you have brought to all of us, joy and healing will be with us and will shine on for ever on this planet. It was a blessing to have known you and the time we have shared and the wisdom you where not teaching but living, is very precious for me, you have a place in my heart - I love you Regina

laurence Bachl 04/19/2007
Dear Yolanda,
We all join our prayers and our love and feel his presence as if he was here.
But especially for you ,sweet Yolanda, I send all my love and my force to help you accept this transformation. I wish I could hugh you and show you how many persons supports you in this moment. I love you Yolanda and Isa.
Laurence (Freiburg in Germany)

Peter Michael Kurz 04/19/2007
Not in the dying, but in being dead lies the deepest effect of not only Jesus', but also Isa's dying.
"Selig sind, die da Leid tragen, denn sie sollen getröstet werden..." (Joh. Brahms)
Dear Yolanda-Mum, dear brothers and sisters of the Releasing Soul Family, according to the date of Isa's funeral, we from Solothurn will sing music by Mendelssohn, such songs as "Honor to the Father" or "Jesus, meine Zuversicht". We share our love and compassion with all of you, and we believe, that death is ...

Kordula Thöne 04/20/2007
Dear Yolanda, dear Lindwall-family, releasers and children of the light all over the world,

words cannot express the love I felt, when I stayed in ISA`s presence during a few workshops in Germany and several phone sessions. And I was blessed to be allowed to translate, while he and Yolanda were doing their healing work in Paderborn, Germany in May 2005.

From the moment I met him, I knew, that he was my soul father. He touched my heart so deeply, that the healing process within me could take his way. ISA was the pure personification of love and light to me.

Now I have to let him go in this form that I knew and loved so much. But I`m looking forward to feel his presence in a new way. And deep in my heart I know, that we are, never were and never will be parted.

And so my heart goes to you, Yolanda, your family and the growing releasing family all over the world. God bless you all. We will continue our personal and social work in ISA`s sense and carry the divine love ISA reopened for us.

ISA, my love and light will be with you always. The angels in heaven are endlessly blessed to have you back again. I love you.

Forever … Kordula

Ronnie Goldberg 04/20/2007
Words and thoughts turn back incapable of describing our beloved soul father Isa who must surely be one of the most loving and humble men who ever walked this planet. The grace and gratitude we feel at having been blessed by knowing Isa is also inexpressible. Never seperated. Our love enfolds Yolanda. Ronnie Lorraine Anna and Jonny

Ronnie Goldberg 04/20/2007
Words and thoughts turn back incapable of describing our beloved soul father Isa who must surely be one of the most loving and humble men who ever walked this planet. The grace and gratitude we feel at having been blessed by knowing Isa is also inexpressible. Never seperated. Our love enfolds Yolanda. Ronnie Lorraine Anna and Jonny
Stephen and Barbara 04/20/2007
Dearest Isa,

Thank you and we love you always.

Stephen and Barbara

Dr. Craig 04/21/2007
It was with great sadness that I heard of Doc's passing. His teaching influenced my life and work greatly and I will be forever grateful.

curt degroat 04/21/2007

Susanne Schlett 04/21/2007
Dear Isa,dear Yolanda,
thank you, for what you`ve manifested on earth
Just true love
my love and gratitude are with you
Rheinbach ,germany

Joanie Trager 04/21/2007
My Dear Isa,
You know that words cannot express all that you meant to me and to so many people. Thank you my beloved soul father, I will miss you. My love is with you and your family Yolanda.

Sabina Piroch 04/21/2007

Beloved Isa,

it is not possible in words to describe what you mean to me. I am so grateful that I have met you twice and I will never forget my memories with you. You are always on my mind since then and it will be this way until I leave here and beyond - for eternity ! For me, you and your wonderful wife Yolanda are my spiritual parents. This I feel so deeply and when I heard that I can never embrace you in person in this life I was so sad, but on the other hand I am happy for you. I am sure whereever you are - you are fine. What a wonderful person I met. Thank you so much for everything you and Yolanda taught me.

I have a wonderful little place where I do live with my son Manuel. (So often he asked about you, and he wanted to see you one day.) And on Friday I did a ritual with him for You. This place with water, trees, lots of Sun and green gras is dedicated to you. We sang your songs, drawed a picture , lit a candle light and picked some flowers for you. And whenever I am there I feel you strongly.

Hey Isa, I do love you so deep from my Heart - and I have to say I miss you so much. But on the other hand I know you are not away. Still I hear your voice in my ears, the way you laughed, the way you looked at us, your dance with Yolanda and I will never forget the last sentence you said while you were sitting in the car, way back home, "You are the Light", you said in your warm and gentle way. My deepest wish is to see you again in heaven. now, I am mute and the rest is silence. I guess lively silence is better than every single spoken word.

Dearest Yolanda, I am thinking also so strongly about you. I do hope so deep that you have the strength to carry on. I am thinking of you every day and I send you my Love and a caring embrace. Until we see each other again. Wonderful Woman

Written from my Heart - Sabina Piroch, Karlsruhe -

Ghislaine 04/21/2007
Thank you, Isa, for your healing work and for sharing your Light with us, as a LIVING EXAMPLE to guide us on the right path and to freedom. May we follow well... You "continually sought guidance from the Source of all Life, always asking for help, tuning in to the divine plan, and reconnecting with Love." Harmony and unconditional love simply radiated from you and Yolanda at all the gatherings, everyone felt welcome. Love lives on, in Love there is no separation and your Light now shines on us from Home. Peace, Love, Light and Blessings to Yolanda and your family, with a hug for Yolanda and deep gratitude, Isa, auf Wiedersehen. Ghislaine (Germany)

Voge & Hugh Smith 04/21/2007
We received the news of Isa's passing just as we were headed into teaching a Releasing Workshop. We danced with the participants and celebrated his life, expressing our Gratitude for the Freedom we have all experienced through his gift of Releasing.
Isa continues to live in the hearts of us all.
We feel blessed.
Voge & Hugh

Michael Klein 04/22/2007
Dearest Isa,

Yolanda and You deeply moved my heart during the past 12 years. And it´s amazing to realize, You do even stronger now. Thank you for all the Love and Wisdom You and Yolanda brought into our Lives! I love you always.

Michael Klein

Klaus& Rita Sumpf 04/22/2007
In deep gratefulness.
We know your light and love are immortal.
Love, Klaus and Rita
Dolores and Paul 04/22/2007
Isa, your transition has filled us with sadness, as you brought so much love and light during your 87year journey on earth. It also fills us with great joy, thanks and gratitude considering what legacy you left behind for us to step in, to honour and carry on what you taught us. You and Yolanda have given us a glimpse of how life on this planet could and will be if there is only love. Yolanda, our thoughts and feelings are with you. "TRUE LOVE TURNS ON THE SHINING LIGHT"

Carla 04/22/2007
Beloved Yolanda, Isa and you are my Spiritual Parents, since we met us first time in Berlin, Germany in 1984: I am with you in Spirit right now..
You have given me so much, teaching me unconditional Love being an exemple and my gratitude to you both is immeasurable.
Isa is still with us, in our Hearts, and I too, I love you always. Carla, Berlin/Germany

Carla 04/22/2007
A Universal Prayer

"Spirit Most High, I love you and I open myself to recieve your love."
"Spirit friends, I love you and I open myself to recieve your love."
"Each one here, I love you and I open myself to recieve your love."
"Isa, I love you and I open myself to recieve your love."
"All of Life, I love you and I open myself to recieve your Love."

"Spirit Most High, we ask that you bless, amplify and synchronise our love with you.
We give thanks this day for our beloved *Isa*, that teached us unconditional Love.
We give thanks for everyone here, for our communities, our nations and our World.
We radiate our love to bless all of life.

And so it is."

Michèle und Thorsten 04/22/2007
Liebe Yolanda,
unsere Gedanken sind bei Dir und wir wünschen Dir viel Kraft in dieser Zeit. Doc ist eine so wunderbare, so herzerfüllte Seele und wir sind voll der Dankbarkeit ihn erlebt zu haben. Sei in Liebe umarmt, Michèle und Thorsten

Joan Smith Medley 04/22/2007
Dear Aunt Ruth,

Wanted to let you know that you are in our thoughts and prayers at this time.

Kathi 04/23/2007
My dearest ISA,
I am sooooooo grateful I have met you...
Thanks for all support and love you gave and will give to me and all the others.
Without you, I am sure I wouldn`t be where I am now.
I am sure, you are with us allways...all-ways ...
I love you ISA... you amazing loving, shining being...I feel happy for you...
Yolanda,what a precious gift both of you got and what a gift to spend your life with ISA and what a gift to know time does not exsist and separation does not exsist...
Unfortunately words can not express what I wish to say...
I am sure you can feel the unspoken words from my heart...
I love you Yolanda...
I send a warm hug to you!
All my prayers are with YOU and ISA
with all my love and light...

Gabriele Hoffmann 04/23/2007
Dear Isa, thank you for all the love we shared, for all the healing that took place, and for all that will be done, and dear Yolanda, a big hug and all my love to you deep from my heart and soul
Gabriele and little Sarah (4), Berlin, Germany

axel dreyer 04/24/2007
Isa, what a bliss that I met you. Thank you for your love and a big hug. Axel

Kordula and friends 04/25/2007

on Sunday, 2007-05-22, we came together at Ila Marx’ house in Paderborn, Germany, to do a meditation for ISA und YOU. We thanked for all, you both have done to us personally and for the whole planet, and then we sent a huge ray of light to ISA to give it to wherever it is needed.

It was an intensive experience of ISA´s presence. We could see his shining face with his sparkling eyes. And we could feel, that he was again working with us. So - although tears were flowing - we had the wonderful experience, that there is no separation.

ISA is our father, wherever he is. And he is really with us, wherever we are.

In love and light …
Dagmar Bollermann, Monika Grobbel, Iris Lenze, Ila Marx, Elisabeth Quenkert, Rita Sumps and Kordula Thöne

… and many other friends, who where connected to the meditation in their thoughts

Elizabeth Hoy Kauffmann 04/25/2007
Isa was such a beacon of light to so many people. Yolanda was his perfect complement and together they worked to bring peace and tranquility to a troubled world. Thank you Isa for the love that you expressed to all and the gift of your spirit that you gave to humanity. Kisses and hugs to you, Yolanda. May you be enveloped in sweetness and love!
Sophie 04/26/2007
Dear Yolisa,

words can not express how my life changed when I met you and your beautiful blessed work in a time of darkness. Thank you so much for your service: remembering us to reconnect Spirit Most High and become what we really are: Love and Light.


Marci Shimoff & Sergio Baroni 04/28/2007
Thank you, Isa. We send our love and gratitude for your beautiful heart and your wonderful contribution to the world. You wil be deeply remembered. And Yolanda, our hearts are with you - we send you our love.

Maria Dohmann-Böhler 05/04/2007
Dear Isa, your innocence and your love were a great gift for me. Thank You for this wonderful work I can do now in rememberance and honour of You. I will love You always

Michelle 05/10/2007
Dearest Yolanda,
I am terribly sad to hear that Isa has left this plane. He is a wonderful soul and has given so much Love. Thank you Yolanda for coming with Isa to South Africa and giving us hope, love and compassion.

Jeannie Whyte 05/12/2007
My dear sweet Isa, how can anyone put into words how you touched our lives, our hearts, spirits and minds? Words cannot express our deep gratitude for the example of unconditional love you gave us. I was blessed to have known you for the past 27 years and to spend your last days on earth with you. How can I ever begin to thank you. I was so fortunate to have been taught by you and I miss your beautiful smile that lit up the room! Thank you, for being YOU!

Usch Wiechers 05/18/2007
You will ever be in my heart. It was a great moment in my life to get in touch with you! THANKS

Margaret Clare Norton 05/18/2007
Blessed and Beloved Isa,

You are the Bestest in the Eastest, The Bestest in the Westest, The Bestest in the Northest and The Bestest in the Southest, and that's what you shared with the world. The Bestest of everything.

You and Yolanda are treasured jewels sparkling brilliantly everywhere you traveled.

You shall forever remain a Light, the Bestest and Brightest for all.

Loving Light, Margaret Clare

Bärbel Heitkamp, Worpswede 05/18/2007
Beloved Isa, my soulfather,
thank you so much for all the love and light you brought out into the world together with Yolanda. Thanks for all your support and healing I and so many others got from you and the Releasing work. Thanks for your trust in me. It was a big gift to meet you in this life.

Dear Yolanda, my beloved soulmother,
also to you so much thanks for all your love and trust in me and I hope to meet you again. It was such a wonderful time with both of you in Stockholm.
I pray for you and I LOVE YOU!


Claudia Schlereth 05/20/2007
Dear Ruth - Yolanda,I just want to thank both of you for all the love you gave - for all the help I got, especially during my pregnancy.
I want to thank you for all your blessings and all the great work you´ve done. Thank´s for the great tool Releasing.
Dear Ruth, im my thoughts I´m often with you and there Doc - Isa is with us.
With all my love and deep respect.

Martin Döhr 05/23/2007

Dear Yolanda/Ruth,

I love You and I am with you in this sad time of loss of your beloved Isa. As a soul Doc/Isa is undieable, no doubt about it. But as a husband, a soulfather, a spiritual teacher, a friend and loving lifecompanian he is missing. His presence is still heartfullfillingly existent. But in the real world he is gone and this world might seem a lonely place at times. But its up to us to carry his heritage now and pass on his message of unconditional love. On that pass, there is no loss nor death - only bliss and he is right with us.

I have never lost a person, that was so important to me, but never was I touched with grief so little.
On a flight from India he told me: "Once you realize, that you are not your body, you have no more fears." Took me more than twenty years to realize that one, and I`m still working on it. But he himself mastered it definitly. We will finally all master it too and become aware: there is no death, no separation and all fear is, because we don`t know, who we are!

Daniel from Germany 06/09/2007
Words often are so deficient to describe what one feels ... but I want to thank you, Isa.

I feel you very often every day. You are surrounding each of us and I feel that your spirit is with us, as well as your caring amicability.

You said it ever and anon: "My love is with you always." - And yes, so it is.

We stay on for a while in our bodies to share with others what you have shared with us: the vision and the experience of a splendid reality.

The work continues on a new level - the coalescence proceeds!

Thank you very much, Isa & Yolanda!

Dr. Wolfgang F. Caspers 06/25/2007
and a last big hug in the astral.